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Paint Release is an interactive form of creative healing that transfers trapped energy onto a canvas. Mental/emotional blocks are released from the psyche and turned into a unique painting during a safe, comfortable one-on-one session. Releasees keep the painting afterward as a symbol of what was freed.

Energetic Paint Release

An anonymous excerpt from this release:

"When I was really little I had a heart virus that had symptoms associated with leukemia. Luckily it was a new virus that didn’t really hurt anyone, but nobody knew that at first, so it was terrifying. The constant unknown shot me with dread and adrenaline. I began to experience night terrors and started sleepwalking with my eyes open, perceiving the world as if it were a nightmare. I remember my mom would come hold me until I calmed down.

Five years ago I got mono. At first, the doctors didn’t know what it was. I scoured the internet and convinced myself I was dying of some horrible disease. I really believed I was dying. I finally had a blood test done and found out I was fine, but the process reactivated my experiences as a child. I went spiraling into consistent fight or flight. I spent every moment thinking about death. My panic attacks came back. It felt like a meteor shower was aimed right at me. Logically, I knew I was okay, but I couldn’t shake the feeling. It was like believing in a heaven and arriving to discover it’s actually hell. I felt completely hopeless.

The experience ultimately equipped me to better handle anxiety, but it wiped me out. I am constantly tired. Every day feels like one long day. It’s like that song—hello darkness my old friend—that’s how it feels every day.

I’ve been living like this for so long, the idea of a paradigm shift even scares me. It’s another jump into the great unknown—who will I be?"

Energetic Paint Release: Adreadaline

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