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Paint Release is an interactive form of creative healing that transfers trapped energy onto a canvas. Mental/emotional blocks are released from the psyche and turned into a unique painting during a safe, comfortable one-on-one session. Releasees keep the painting afterward as a symbol of what was freed.

Energetic Paint Release

An anonymous excerpt from this release:

"It really surprised me that sadness was the main feeling that came up. It feels like the sadness is selfish in a way—because I haven’t been able to do a lot, especially as a kid, to help others in need… even now, LA is full of people who are traumatized. I ride the metro and see it all the time… I see very serious mental illness. And there’s nothing I can do. I feel like my sadness is compensating for my inability to help. I don’t want to be this sad at the world. There’s a lot of beauty in the world, too. But this weight gets in the way of seeing that.

I want to let go of worry. Fear. Just fear. My greatest fear is that in pursuing my own interests, I’ll hurt other people, and that this will cascade into hatred. This causes me to limit my own self-actualization.

I’ve seen people get hurt by the selfishness of others and I’m afraid of judgement. There’s no way to ensure that I won’t be judged. Even though I know I’m being thoughtful, careful and compassionate… there’s always the possibility that I might be misunderstood. Whenever I search for the reason I’m concerned, I realize I’m not a shitty person… but I’m afraid of being seen as a shitty person. I never want to feel ostracized."

Energetic Paint Release: Weighted Waves

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