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As one era ends, another is born— in Metaeden, where Earth’s density is erased and heightened perception is explored. Giada, Adaeze and Keiko are the first to immerse themselves in this alternative existence. Their awareness level is trackable and increases as they advance.

This is the first in a seven part animated NFT series, where each episode builds on the last.

Episode #1: ASCESE observes the initial shock response to such a paradisaical environment. It feels good. No! It feels amazing. Spoiler alert: it’s not a total cakewalk. Their adjustment and assimilation shifts from bliss to internal chaos in the next monthly installment, episode #2.

Metaeden cross-pollinates SuperRare, YouTube and Discord to create a unique experience that develops and enhances consciousness in parallel with each episode. Private channels unlock with active participation in the ✨「 ADVANCEMENT 」✨ section of the server. They show up in a new section, labeled: 🧬「 INDICATORS 」🧬 - indicative of the "ascension symptoms" and reality shifts that come with an expanded awareness.

Created by Paola Pinna & Floontz


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