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Paint Release is an interactive form of art therapy that uses a canvas to capture trapped energies. Mental/emotional blocks are transferred from the psyche into a unique painting during a safe, comfortable one-on-one session where I mix/fling/chuck paint and shake/stomp/slap the canvas. Releasees keep the painting afterward as a symbol of what they freed.

An anonymous excerpt from the one-on-one for this release:

"I knew there was a shift coming. I felt weird for three months—things felt out of place. I took a spontaneous trip to Armenia. I spent two weeks there with my family. I hadn’t seen them in years. When I got back, the pandemic happened. That got me interested in the societal psyche and the internal world of the shadow.

The pandemic made people realize their confusion over what they want out of life. It forced them to go within and face themselves.

Personally, I found a more primitive creature than I thought. I have a very high sense of trust in my health and well-being. I believe in mind over matter, that your immune system responds to your belief system. Yes, there are some things you can’t avoid. I take pride in the fact that I’ve worked myself to such a degree physically and mentally. Why do I have to worry about 8 billion people out there when, in today’s era, we have the information to heal ourselves and get better?

It’s an interesting time. I’m seeing myself more clearly. I’m seeing other people clearly… I’m understanding them more. I can see the light and the shadow. That’s coming to the surface.

But from a neurological perspective - it’s the amygdyla. It’s not fully developed until age 35. It’s related to the sense of self and the ego. I do believe that the planetary shifts play a big course in that. When Saturn returns, maybe it amplifies that energy. Now that I’m approaching 30, I’m able to notice my own shadow and reflect upon it more. I ask myself: why did this feeling arise? When I try to analyze it, it starts to make more sense. But when I don’t, everything spirals downward. The more I catch it, the more I’m able to understand it. It gives me a true frame of reference to the dualism a lot of philosophers talk about. "

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