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Paint Release is an interactive form of art therapy that turns personal trauma into a talisman—a painting with an energetic imprint unique to you. Each session takes place in a safe space where it’s okay to express any pain, fear, or stressor. There’s no right or wrong “thing” to share. You choose what to release. Each paint release varies upon the individual - and each posted painting / quoted excerpt remains anonymous.

"My grandparents raised me. I didn’t have a dad. I live with a lot of guilt when it comes to my mom. She was a single mother and I was her only child. We were each other’s everything when I was growing up. Every time she wanted to date or see someone, I wouldn’t let it happen. I made her promise that she wouldn’t date and she obeyed, even though I was only 9 years old and didn’t know anything.

When I graduated high school, she moved away. She just moved again to Florida. She’s at a point in her life where it’s really hard to meet people. She’s all alone. She doesn’t know anyone there.

I’m thinking of moving to Australia next year. I know I should be spending my time with my family… but I have to live my life and follow my dreams.

I carry a lot of guilt because of it. I feel angry over how I spent my time in the past. My priorities could have been different during my time growing up.

Because I haven’t reached out to my grandparents, its given them this idea that I don’t care about them. They think they’re going to die before I see them again. They never call me because they think they’re a burden. I have to reach out to them. Their interpretation of who they are in my life isn’t accurate and it makes me sad.

I’m just very busy. I think I get lost in my life. But I plan to look at my priorities. I think that’s a big part of getting older—realizing the importance of things. The biggest way to resolve my feelings is to take action.

If I don’t go to Australia, I’ll be letting myself down. What I feel most in my heart is the passion I have for what I do. I need to take this step to get through this life… to be able to say I really committed.

I’m going to Australia. I’m going to try and make sure my family understands how much I love them and spend as much time with them as I can over the course of this next year, before I go."

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