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Paint Release is an interactive form of art therapy that uses a canvas to capture trapped energies. Mental/emotional blocks are transferred from the psyche into a unique painting during a safe, comfortable one-on-one session where I mix/fling/chuck paint and shake/stomp/slap the canvas. Releasees keep the painting afterward as a symbol of what they freed.

An anonymous excerpt from the one-on-one for this release:

"Change is the only guarantee in life. People say death and taxes… no. It’s death and change. We about to enter our Pluto retrograde. This is just the beginning. This is us cleaning out our shit. Pluto clears out what doesn’t belong. Our country is going to go through it. It’s exciting to be alive during this time and terrifying at the same time. We can expect the unexpected—that’s a given. I think a lot of beautiful elation will happen within the collect consciousness.

Once we strip away the seven deadly sins that have plagued us for centuries, we will have a completely different civilization. We’re still evolving. Our future is going to be very different and that’s a good thing. The Age of Aquarius is coming up… 200 more years of heavy air sign placement. Aquarius is the water-bearer, the communal glue, the pillar that believes we are all one and the same, yet individual and separate. I can’t imagine a better sign to bring in the new age."

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