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Paint Release is an interactive form of art therapy that turns personal trauma into a talisman—a painting with an energetic imprint of your own emotional release. Each session takes place in a safe space where you can express any pain, fear, or stressor. There’s no right or wrong “thing” to share. You choose what to release. Each paint release is unique to the individual - and each posted painting / quoted excerpt is anonymous.

"There are infinite perspectives and no way to understand them all. I feel like I need to understand. It’s my biggest battle.

I struggle with self-perception. There are infinite selves. I can understand who I am but the external world influences who I become. Do I need to accept that everything that crosses my path is meant for me?

My self-perception got twisted when I dated someone older than me. I was super young. They were insecure and physically domineering. It left a negative mark on me and shattered my sense of self-trust. Shouldn’t I know if something's bad for me?

My Dad is my step-dad. He's great. He loves me. My real father isn’t in my life and I know it created a strange dynamic with men. I went from an awful relationship with a father figure to a loving one. It threw a wrench in my perception. I get guarded and filled with guilt when it comes to love.

I’m attracting good men now, but my early experiences still prevent me from being vulnerable with them. This makes me the more toxic person. It’s unfair to know I love someone and want greater intimacy but still withhold it. I’m choosing a false version of myself out of fear.

I'm starting to acknowledge my thought patterns. I’m letting them go. Over-analysis is detrimental to happiness. It hijacks the moment… and life is about the experience. It’s not rainbows and sunshine all the time and that’s okay. It's better to be present."

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