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What’s POMPAS? Great Question!

POMPAS is a collective of independent poets banding together to deliver your daily dose of semi-daily poetry.

Each poem is crafted by a writer, typed out on Mirror and shared directly to your feed via instagram or twitter.


..and we want to share ours with you.

Organizing as POMPAS allows us to consistently provide new pieces for appreciators. We hope to become a stop-along on your daily scroll, a moment apart, a snack you look forward to..

..and we also intend to use POMPAS to collectively experiment with writer compensation models.

You can collect each POMPAS poem as an NFT.

Each poem has 555 available editions:

  • 500 editions at 0.01 ETH

  • 50 editions at 0.1 ETH

  • 10 editions at 1 ETH

For each poem, 90% of the proceeds go directly to its writer. POMPAS uses the other 10% to cover ongoing mint costs.


Our end of the bargain is to continually deliver quality poems for your enjoyment. In exchange, we ask that when you find yourself enjoying a poem: COLLECT ITS EDITION.

These NFT’s are meant for tipping not for flipping!! If you tip your server after a good meal you can tip your local poet too. Now go enjoy! :)

Art by Ahoy Visual Art

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