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The sixth declassified organism from the Supersonic Space Agency's top secret Pinwheel Collection is now available as an NFT.

Supersonic Space Agency Glowy

This fungus grows on a world with no sun and no moon, only lava tubes.

After a rogue space rock forced a crash landing, the Supersonic Space Agency literally went dark. The only way out of the wreckage went straight into a seemingly endless pitch black maze. Emergency supplies were useless.

Time disappeared. Senses went haywire.

It took a peace treaty with the heebie jeebies to birth an inner monk—turning the void from foe to guide in order to discover a cave of glowing light!

Described as “a savior,” and "more spirit than mushroom," Glowy relaxes the body like a high grade tranq dart. It generates a warm nectar that secretes through the sweat glands to create a permeating night sight, enabling deep exploration and tactical solutions with infallible accuracy.


In the early 2000s, the Supersonic Space Agency’s covert Starlight Unit explored habitable exoplanets in nearby galaxies. Space agents successfully studied, sourced and returned to Earth with a selection of extra-terrestrial discoveries.

Their extensive catalog is being made public for the first time.

Previously privatized to prevent mass hysteria, the collection has recently been decreed as “just a drop in the bucket of society’s impending collapse.”

Created by Floontz & Elise Weiland

SSA 006: Astraeus Tranquillus (“Glowy”)

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