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Some experience worlds. Others build them.

This week's Tuesdayz in the Lounge was led by Monostronomy, the leading expert in AI text to image art generation. The Fate Finders gathered to create a collaborative planet with glass peaks, bubbling sand, and yes... platypus gangsters.

Using DreamStudio, Monostronomy cranked out almost 100 images over the span of two hours.

Landscapes, textures and creatures were formed through the formulaic subject + style + format + booster + perspective.


a 3d digital rendering of a Clayish Crystal teal and red with purple-bioluminescent bubbling oceans on a massive planet 8k artstation cgsociety sci-fi fantasy hi-octane Hr giger moebius unreal engine 5 rendered cryengine rendered, cyclone weather

The new world, known as 'Unga Bunga' quickly took on a life and storyboard of its own.

Tuesdayz in the Lounge is a weekly virtual hang-out where one artist shares their unique skills to collaborate and create with the community.

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