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The fifth declassified organism from the Supersonic Space Agency's top secret Pinwheel Collection is now available as an NFT.

Bestia Hirsuta Space Mushroom NFT

Agents were stunned to set foot on a glass planet that looked struck by a nuclear winter— and they would have frozen to death had they not acted fast and gobbled up a fistful of Yachê.

Anyone with premature balding will be clambering to get their paws on this fuzzy blessing. Shaggy and soft as a sheepskin, Yachê triggers DNA into generating a thick, insulated white protective coat. Exploring frigid territory is a snap when you’re snug as a bug in a rug! Oh how the simplest solutions come straight from the land!

No amount of razors or shears can trim this newfound, full-body fur cocoon. It naturally peels off the skin in climates warmer than -1 degree Celsius, 30 degrees Fahrenheit.


In the early 2000s, the Supersonic Space Agency’s covert Starlight Unit explored habitable exoplanets in nearby galaxies. Space agents successfully studied, sourced and returned to Earth with a selection of extra-terrestrial discoveries.

Their extensive catalog is being made public for the first time.

Previously privatized to prevent mass hysteria, the collection has recently been decreed as “just a drop in the bucket of society’s impending collapse.”

Created by Floontz & Elise Weiland

Space Mushroom NFT

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