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This short is an exercise in concept exploration for a greater series that personifies an element of a person’s “shadow side” (ex: an addiction, compulsion, chemical imbalance), in the form of a Creature, which is isolated and observed in its native setting.

In this episode, Reef depicts a lucid dream sequence, or “visitation” — one of many he’s experienced over the course of his life. The exposure to a more complex dreamscape has made it hard for him to assimilate and connect with waking reality. He turns to escapist tendencies to cope with a harsh, backward world.

Everyone carries their own cavalcade of Creatures. Each looks, acts, thinks and speaks in a unique way of its own. The goal of the series is to surface the fragments of specific people and showcase them through different animated looks and mediums. Our Creatures control us when they go unacknowledged. Their conscious integration allows us to master ourselves and maximize our highest potential. Who are your creatures? What are their motives? What does their world look like?

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