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In Siku, seven characters must grow from Seeds to Seers through an endless series of obstacles designed to keep them from evolving.

Christian Orrillo Tejada's designs are rooted in incorporating the essence of each realm the characters are tied to.

I invite you to enjoy an exclusive preview debut of Siku's characters, featured in Wasteland, a neutral zone on the map.


in order


Lumi adapts to environments through mimicry. It’s a draining process that requires her to recharge in isolation. Her solitary lifestyle generates a vicious loneliness that leads to self-pity.


Kidogo is strategic. She excels in problem solving... when her mind is clear. She suffers from sporadic memory gaps that trigger perpetual anxiety, limiting her from accessing her potential.


Ree is empathetic. It's easy for her to connect deeply with others and earn their trust through compassion. She's tempted to rely on this ability to manipulate situations for personal gain.


Iona possesses undeniable power. Her comfort and ease with darker realities makes her fearless… and impulsive. It takes her much longer to evolve, but she perseveres.


Yanatu manifests through sound. She uses this gift to create immersive experiences designed to escape reality. She loves partying and hates self-development.


Nalu is an amplifier. Everything triples in size when she shifts into full focus… but her capacity for prolonged concentration is busted. It’s natural for her to be dreamy and disorganized.


Shadi is a mind control master with an unwavering will. Instead of sleeping, she sucks energy from any entity she decides she doesn’t like. When she likes you, she’s loyal to a fault.

Siku is an XR RPG game I'm in the process of designing alongside fellow creatrix, Krotchy. It's being built on Totem OS.

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Jeff Dabney
Jeff Dabney
May 10, 2022

Thank you for sharing more background info on the characters and the game.

You should consider tagging @wireframemag (twitter) it is a great print gaming mag, which also offers a free download version. They focus on the art of gaming design and offer truly constructive criticism. I would think they would be into writing about your game. Just a suggestion.

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