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Lactarius Fertilis (“Creamy”) is the first declassified organism from the Supersonic Space Agency’s top secret Pinwheel Galaxy collection. The collection, previously considered capable of causing “exceptionally grave damage” to the public, is now decreed by the Agency as “just a drop in the bucket when it comes to society’s impending collapse.” Space agents, equipped with a supply of select spores, were tasked with harvesting mushrooms on habitable exoplanets to study potential mutations and their ingestible health benefits. “Creamy” grew first. Discernible at a distance by its intense aroma, the fungus oozes a thick milk that acts as an aphrodisiac, inducing an unshakeable case of “rose-colored glasses” for anyone and anything in the near vicinity. This mushroom tastes even better than it smells. Traces of sugared roses linger on the palate throughout the digestive process and become most heightened during spasmodic waves of body-crippling euphoria. Daily consumption is known to increase fertility up to 1000% and reduce the human gestation period from 40 weeks to 22.

Creamy is part of The Mushroom People collection by Olive47 on OpenSea. It is available for auction for 24 hours starting at 5PM PST on 1/16/21.

in collaboration with Elise Weiland Sound by The Gaslamp Killer


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