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Shed dead weight during a one-of-a-kind creative meditation that uses body scanning, ASMR, and visualization to channel a unique painting that's yours to keep. 

Paint Release is an interactive form of art therapy that turns trauma into a talisman—a painting with an energetic imprint unique to you. Each session exists in a safe space, a place where it's acceptable to express any pain, fear or impact on your life. There's no right or wrong "thing" to release.


After a guided body scan and sharing segment, I simultaneously fling, brush, squeeze, pop, and otherwise transfer the energy to a canvas using colors, objects and movements that correspond to your release. It's common to find forms and symbols in the completed painting. They serve as freed events, memories and ideas. 

"I truly felt more at peace and began considering genuine compassion for myself again. I recommend this experience  to everyone."
The way you guided kept me there in the moment and unlocked deep pockets of grief.  I feel more inside of myself now. I'm not in pain anymore. 
“I was able to dip into the parts of my mind that run thoughts or ideas, like a computer system runs programs, and effectively rewrite them.”
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